Please add a pinch of meaning to my food

Tastes of Carolina - a pinch of meaning 1

This has been an intense week. One presentation, a heartfelt goodbye and an encounter with the social media echelon, made me reflect on myself and on where I’m going with my cooking and writing. And I realised that for complete job satisfaction, I need to add a pinch of meaning to my food. It’s a bit…

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On Jane Grigson and a polenta & trout dish

Last week I borrowed Jane Grigson’s English Food from my library. I was first deterred by the small typeface but now I got really into it, skimming through the recipes and reading the wonderful introductions to each chapter, dedicated to meat, fish, cheese and so on. What struck me is that the book was first…

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There’s a revolutionary behind every home cook

Since the 90’s I have been protesting against the inequalities of global capitalism and marching against climate change. Now I am increasingly finding peace in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and creating new recipes. Am I growing old and enjoying the simplicity of home life, leaving my socially subversive days behind? Quite the contrary. As I…

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