Pasta love in 2015…& a great tool for the new year

Pasta. Just as rice conjures up the image of tiny bouncing grains, with pasta the name itself suggests the act of eating it. “Pa”, opening your mouth to welcome its uncompromising fullness, “s”, for the slurping and savouring of sauce, “ta”, suggesting the satisfying sensation every mouthful brings. The first record of pasta manufacturing dates…

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Spicy pumpkin ravioli

Pumpkin season is upon us and I intend to experiment with it in the kitchen as much as I can. This week a good friend of mine came over for dinner and I made fresh pasta. It was a while I didn’t use my Imperia pasta machine and I went back to it gladly. I…

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Pasta with Chloe the crab, artichoke and saffron

Pasta with Chloe the crab

This dish came out of a hitch. I set out to make agnolotti with some lovely artichokes I brought back from Italy and a small crab I got, live, from the local Food Assembly, an initiative that brings together local producers and sells their fare at a local pub every week. I named the little…

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