Please add a pinch of meaning to my food

Tastes of Carolina - a pinch of meaning 1

This has been an intense week. One presentation, a heartfelt goodbye and an encounter with the social media echelon, made me reflect on myself and on where I’m going with my cooking and writing. And I realised that for complete job satisfaction, I need to add a pinch of meaning to my food. It’s a bit…

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Why my thyme is never wasted & neither is my food

wasted no food tastes of carolina

This week I am proud I wasted no food. I have to admit organising my meals isn’t always easy, and that this week I ended up with lots of my lovely Food Assembly vegetables a bit past their best.That’s why I hope the recipe featured below will inspire you to look beyond the soup for…

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There’s a revolutionary behind every home cook

Since the 90’s I have been protesting against the inequalities of global capitalism and marching against climate change. Now I am increasingly finding peace in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and creating new recipes. Am I growing old and enjoying the simplicity of home life, leaving my socially subversive days behind? Quite the contrary. As I…

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Eating local with the Food Assembly

Eating local with the Food Assembly - tastes of carolina

A trip to the local pub yesterday showed me the amazing potential of the food industry and how many people are choosing careers in this sector, with an increasing number of small producers and companies being setup. Eating local is the philosophy at the heart of the Food Assembly, an initiative born out of the…

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