Pasta with Chloe the crab, artichoke and saffron

Pasta with Chloe the crab

This dish came out of a hitch. I set out to make agnolotti with some lovely artichokes I brought back from Italy and a small crab I got, live, from the local Food Assembly, an initiative that brings together local producers and sells their fare at a local pub every week. I named the little…

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Fab Thai cooking class…yum!

Today I’ve had an unforgettable experience, one I am temped to repeat, wherever possible, in every country I will visit in the future. Since leaving London for Thailand, I was determined to learn how to cook authentic Thai food. And in Koh Tao, under the attentive eye of Joey at the Koh Tao Thai Cooking…

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Spiky, art-y, rice-y.. lovely artichoke risotto!


This is a quick and easy risotto recipe, and I like to make it with the spiky kind of lovely artichokes we have in Northern Italy, not with the globe ones more widespread over here and in the rest of my country of birth. But if you can only get globe artichokes, don’t worry, it…

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