About Me


Born in Turin to a wine producing father and a food loving mother, I always enjoyed good food and treasure my early memories of sampling traditional Piedmontese dishes in the region's many restaurants.

I moved to the UK over a decade ago to study and work as a journalist. Since then my goal has been to bring the flavours of Northern Italian cuisine to London, to recreate the dishes of my childhood with the ingredients I could find over here. It hasn't been easy and it's been the starting point of a gastronomic journey which brought me to explore different cooking traditions from around the globe. But without ever losing sight of my origins.

A few years ago I also developed a passion for natural health and started focusing my career on this field. While this blog is not centred around nutrition, it emphasises how traditional diets often lead to the longest and healthiest lives and on the value of eating wholesome foods.

Most of all, this blog is the result of my longing to write on a topic I really love. Seasonal food, prepared with fresh local ingredients, makes us feel healthy and satisfied with life, creates friendships and ever lasting memories. Tastes of Carolina explores this type of food, telling you of my adventures in my London kitchen and my travels in countries near and far.

I am lucky to have a wood fired pizza oven and a barbecue with rotisserie in my garden. They too, like the food they produce, bring me intense joy.

E-Mail: tastesofcarolina@gmail.com  |  Twitter: @tasteofcarolina