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Foraging day in the beautiful Langhe

March 30, 2015

Hunting for wild herbs in a garden and vineyard, then cooking our finds for a 5-course meal: this was the programme of an amazing foraging and cooking workshop in the beautiful Langhe area of Piedmont that I attended last Saturday. Leading the 8-strong group was French botanist Francois Couplan, an authority on wild herbs, author…

A trip to the last rays of summer

September 4, 2015

  I just returned from a week in the South of France and Piedmont to see my family. It’s been a great occasion to catch up with loved ones and soak in the last heat of summer, and a fortunate choice for a Bank holiday which would have been quite wet if spent in London.      …

Africa, my tough love

September 24, 2015

    Welcome to Africa. I felt exhilarated but displaced. For the first time in many years of travelling, I felt like I didn’t plan it right, like I landed in the wrong destination with a suitcase meant for another trip. I didn’t expect such an unpredictable place. I missed the safety of knowing what…

For ice cream’s sake, get me the real thing

August 5, 2016

  We all love ice cream and there is nothing better then a scoop of that creamy wonder on a hot summer’s day. But, for good ice cream’s sake, I will now spoil your joy a little by revealing  that what you ate so far it’s probably not the real thing. You will find out: Why…