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And it’s chutney time with my forest gardening friends

September 29, 2017

  Hello everyone! It’s been quite a long time, outside it’s raining and we really feel time has come to get cosy indoors..and make chutney! What better thing to do than coming to play in the kitchen with me and my friends at Edible Landscapes? We will also be making some wonderful aromatic chocolates, perfect for…

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Smashing Pumpkins live in Finsbury Park

October 8, 2016

Ok, it’s not a gig by the alternative Nineties band. It’s my upcoming Halloween workshop, when I’ll be smashing pumpkins against food waste. On the 24th and 25th October, I will team up with charity Hubbub and teach  kids and grown ups how not to waste huge amounts of pumpkin after carving out their ghoulish creations. Together with…

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Tastes of Carolina - a pinch of meaning 1

Please add a pinch of meaning to my food

April 29, 2016

This has been an intense week. One presentation, a heartfelt goodbye and an encounter with the social media echelon, made me reflect on myself and on where I’m going with my cooking and writing. And I realised that for complete job satisfaction, I need to add a pinch of meaning to my food. It’s a bit…

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Wild pickings - Tastes of Carolina

Wild pickings!

April 7, 2016

This has been a week of wild pickings. The last of the springtime sunshine (I am now sitting under a rather grey sky, back in wintertime it seems) gave me the opportunity to go out for long walks with my dog, at the same time learning about a huge variety of different herbs and plants, then…

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Forest gardening and eating all year round

February 10, 2016

On Saturday I had an inspiring day, learning how to make my garden feed me through all seasons, with minimal effort on my part and maximum benefit to the environment. I went along to a Forest Gardening course organised by Edible Landscapes London, a project set up in Finsbury Park aimed at educating people on the…

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How Bompas & Parr imagined a British Museum of Food

January 6, 2016

They set a steamship in 55,000 litres of lime jelly, cooked a barbecue on lava and sent a bag of coffee beans to space and back. But for me Bompas & Parr will forever be the pair that got a few thousands people, me included, pummelled and squeezed rather hard by a full-body and quite menacing-looking…

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My first steps into hosting & a New Year full of new projects

December 30, 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you had a brilliant Christmas and are excited as I at the start of 2016. For me, it will be a New Year full of new projects: I can now proudly announce that last week I passed my food safety training and had the council inspection to certify my home kitchen for…

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Bee good, put the forage before the honey

December 9, 2015

Honey. I just love it. As a child I used to eat spoonfuls of the stuff straight from the pot. It was a thick, golden set honey we would buy from the mountains, full of the scent of the millions of tiny alpine flowers which transform the Italian peaks into miniature gardens of Eden in late spring…

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Be brave, be gutsy, ferment all that leftover veg

December 3, 2015

Do you cringe every time you pay through your teeth for probiotics? And feel guilty about not using up all the veg in your fridge?  Then learning how to ferment is for you. Last week I went to a workshop run by nutritionist and fermentation expert Asa Simonsson for Made in Hackney, an awesome organisation aiming to teach communities how…

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A great new venture and a truffle dish

November 19, 2015

On Monday I embarked on a new adventure with a kick ass truffle dish. I started cooking for Dishnextdoor, a pioneering initiative aiming to bring home cooked food to people who don’t have time to prepare their supper after a busy day at work. The pilot project for now is covering my neighbourhood only, but founders Bob and…

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