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Food Education

And it’s chutney time with my forest gardening friends

  Hello everyone! It’s been quite a long time, outside it’s raining and we really feel time has…

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Smashing Pumpkins live in Finsbury Park

Ok, it’s not a gig by the alternative Nineties band. It’s my upcoming Halloween workshop, when I’ll be smashing pumpkins…

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Tastes of Carolina - a pinch of meaning 1

Please add a pinch of meaning to my food

This has been an intense week. One presentation, a heartfelt goodbye and an encounter with the social…

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Wild pickings - Tastes of Carolina

Wild pickings!

This has been a week of wild pickings. The last of the springtime sunshine (I am now…

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Forest gardening and eating all year round

On Saturday I had an inspiring day, learning how to make my garden feed me through all…

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How Bompas & Parr imagined a British Museum of Food

They set a steamship in 55,000 litres of lime jelly, cooked a barbecue on lava and sent…

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My first steps into hosting & a New Year full of new projects

Hello everyone! I hope you had a brilliant Christmas and are excited as I at the start…

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Bee good, put the forage before the honey

Honey. I just love it. As a child I used to eat spoonfuls of the stuff straight from…

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Be brave, be gutsy, ferment all that leftover veg

Do you cringe every time you pay through your teeth for probiotics? And feel guilty about not using up…

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A great new venture and a truffle dish

On Monday I embarked on a new adventure with a kick ass truffle dish. I started cooking for…

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