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How Turin Epicurean brought me back to blogging

It’s been a busy year. After my last post on my Halloween pumpkin extravaganza I have been…

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Tastes of Carolina Zucca cocktail

Zucca cocktail? Try the Joker Highball

Summer is almost here and Zucca cocktail season already started. We just received a supply of our…

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The pros & cons of a dogma - Tastes of Carolina

The pros & cons of a dogma

Last week Italian social media was boiling with rage. A sacred dogma had been violated. A recipe for a one-pot carbonara…

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Hello Spring vegetables - Tastes of Carolina

Hello Spring vegetables!

This week I want to eat only vegetables. I crave their crunch, their colour, their life giving…

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Lamb in my new Spring menu? Ewe bleating believe it!

  Easter is nearly here and clocks are soon going back, giving us one more hour of…

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Herbs, teas and folk tales to while away a Saturday

Last Saturday I spent an afternoon amongst herbs, teas and folk tales. It was a perfect way to…

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wasted no food tastes of carolina

Why my thyme is never wasted & neither is my food

This week I am proud I wasted no food. I have to admit organising my meals isn’t…

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On Jane Grigson and a polenta & trout dish

Last week I borrowed Jane Grigson’s English Food from my library. I was first deterred by the…

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There’s a revolutionary behind every home cook

Since the 90’s I have been protesting against the inequalities of global capitalism and marching against climate…

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Going bananas on a gluten free traditional recipe

Funny how some things often turn out. I was home last month baking a gluten free hazelnut cake,…

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