How Turin Epicurean brought me back to blogging

It’s been a busy year. After my last post on my Halloween pumpkin extravaganza I have been working head-on in food education leading two separate projects and also teaching at a secondary college. But now I am back to blogging thanks to Turin Epicurean, an exciting three-day kermesse that will see me chairing one of…

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Zucca cocktail? Try the Joker Highball

Tastes of Carolina Zucca cocktail

Summer is almost here and Zucca cocktail season already started. We just received a supply of our favourite Italian amaro, Rabarbaro Zucca, made since 1845 in Milan. We love rhubarb and this amaro – a bitter-sweet drink traditionally consumed before or after dinner, with the bitters aiding digestion – ticks all the boxes and tickles…

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The pros & cons of a dogma

The pros & cons of a dogma - Tastes of Carolina

Last week Italian social media was boiling with rage. A sacred dogma had been violated. A recipe for a one-pot carbonara appeared on a French website, complete with a video showing bow tie pasta (shock and horror, they even replaced the spaghetti) being simmered with pancetta and onions. This Gallic version of ‘carbó’, even called for creme fraiche to be added at…

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Hello Spring vegetables!

Hello Spring vegetables - Tastes of Carolina

This week I want to eat only vegetables. I crave their crunch, their colour, their life giving qualities. Spring vegetables and grains and nuts and seeds. That is all I want. With the weather finally warming up a little and behaving, as it should be in Spring, with its typical teenage-like extremes (sunny spells quickly…

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Lamb in my new Spring menu? Ewe bleating believe it!

  Easter is nearly here and clocks are soon going back, giving us one more hour of light in the evening and making the Spring season officially start. After a long winter spent cooking ossobuco and pasta & fagioli, it is time for my DishNextDoor offering  to finally change and after a week of researching…

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