Pescatarian under pressure

I finally can say I cook like my mother. One of my childhood memories is that of my mum coming home in a rush, putting down her bags and quickly starting washing and chopping vegetables. And at around 7pm, while I was sitting at the kitchen table doing my homework, the pressure cooker started hissing. Like an alarm bell,…

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So this was my summer….

                Very little time, a faulty iPad, tragedy in my kitchen and a broken foot: these are my excuses for nearly four months of amazing adventures but deafening silence, in which I kept on posting on Instagram and Twitter, but without updating my blog. So what happened? In…

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Pasta with Chloe the crab, artichoke and saffron

Pasta with Chloe the crab

This dish came out of a hitch. I set out to make agnolotti with some lovely artichokes I brought back from Italy and a small crab I got, live, from the local Food Assembly, an initiative that brings together local producers and sells their fare at a local pub every week. I named the little…

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