Eggcellent Easter one-eyed little monsters

Eggcellent Easter one-eyed little monsters

Do you like these cuties? I made them following directions off Tally’s Treasury, a cool website publishing new craft ideas every Thursday.

In the US most eggs are white in colour and much more vibrant when put through a dye so after looking everywhere for white eggs (all out in shops because of Easter) I settled for six Araucana eggs, light blue in colour therefore still good for the job, plus four more eggs I had

in the fridge. In these pics you’ll see just eight: the first two had to go immediately after I made them, pinched by my friend who was off home for the long weekend and brought them as a present to his family and best friend.

Here is monster n.1, the first to leave home:


If you want to make them too, go ahead, it’s a very easy job.

You will need:
A sharp pair of scissors or any sharp instrument to pierce the egg shell
A large bowl for all the raw eggs
A choice of (possibly natural) food colourings
More bowls for the dye bath.
Malt vinegar
A few long matchsticks or anything to hang the eggs to dry
Anything to stick the matchsticks on (I used an apple)
Wobbly eyes (medium size)
A sheet of 80 gsm paper
Decoupage glue with a brush
A pair of tweezers
A few colour marker pens


1. Start by making a hole in the bottom of the egg big enough to chuck all the egg’s content into a b. owl.
2. Empty all your eggs into the bowl and wash the shells.
3. Prepare the dye bath with approximately one tablespoon of malt vinegar per cup of water and add your choice of food colour.
4. Immerse the eggs in the bath and leave them to soak for at least 30 minutes or longer in case of some colours.
5. Make the drying rack
6. Hang eggs to dry

7. Pierce a small hole where you want the eye to appear, keeping your finger inside the egg to absorb the impact and avoid all the egg cracking. Peel off the shell until the hole is large enough for the eye to peek through
8. Cut rounds of paper roughly a British pound coin large and brush with glue on one side.
9. With the tweezers insert the paper into the bottom of the egg and guide it, sticky side up, towards the upper hole until it’s roughly centred.
10. Stick the eye on the outside, holding the tweezers at the back of the paper inside the egg so the pressure you exercise while sticking the eye won’t detach the paper round from the eggshell.
11. Leave the glue to dry
12. Place a few chocolates inside the egg
13. Cut some cute feet and paint them a suitable colour
14. Brush the back of the feet and stand the egg on them.
15. Leave to dry then take lots of cute pics. 😉
16. Give away as presents to all your friends and family for Easter.
17. Eat chocolate and enjoy!

Carolina Stupino

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