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Many of you must have a party planned for this weekend, or have kids who on Saturday will go round the neighbourhood trick or treating.

For this reason I asked fellow blogger and artist Mr Aide to share with you something he did last year. Read on, as there are also prizes to be won for this!!!!

Mr Aide is a brilliant illustrator, and he came up with an ingenious idea to get kids pick up some healthy and creative Halloween treats….the scary pumpkin tangerines!!!…here are his creations and, to follow, his instructions to make your own.

Hello there, to make these spooky tangerines, I recommend you sketch on paper a few ideas for faces. For inspiration I always think of faces I have seen on public transport (rush hour is best to see the worst expressions in people) and film and TV characters throughout the years. While sketching, remember the surface later on will be curved.

You are now ready to transfer your drawings on your tangerines. Have confidence in yourself, you can do it! You can always eat your first mistake after all. So draw the edges with a black permanent marker or any other colour you like.


As you can see, filling them in white creates a nice effect, but that’s entirely up to you. And there you go, a fine spooky collection of cold busting tangerines!!
Send your pictures to Carolina’s blog, prizes to be won for the best!!


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