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Cheese it’s cold tonight!

If you haven’t realised it yet, I love cheese. Since I was a child and I used…

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Cold & rainy? Start your feast with a flan

Last Friday I hosted my first Dining at the Foot of the Hills event. It was a…

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After a lot of tasting and experimenting…

Countless vegetable flans later, after tasting and experimenting with a long list of ingredients, I’m (nearly) ready…

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Pescatarian under pressure

I finally can say I cook like my mother. One of my childhood memories is that of my mum…

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Pasta love in 2015…& a great tool for the new year

Pasta. Just as rice conjures up the image of tiny bouncing grains, with pasta the name itself…

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Tastes of Carolina - It's all about pairings and canapés

This week, it’s all about pairings and canapés

A few days ago, while perusing for a birthday present for a friend in the lovely Prep…

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After the wood fire dies out - Tastes of Carolina

A risotto with wood fired umami & a fennel salad to match

At the weekend we lighted up the wood fired oven and had a roast. The weather was grim…

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Morocco VS England on a bed of rigatoni - Tastes of Carolina

Morocco VS England on a bed of rigatoni

This dish brings together Italian heritage, North African influences and a British staple vegetable, the sweet and…

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A party weekend and a veg feast

So Halloween has passed. On Saturday night we had kids banging on the door for trick or…

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Caledonian Cream with wholemeal amaretto biscotti - Tastes of Carolina

Caledonian cream Italian style with Amaretto and biscotti

I had this in mind for a while, since I listened to the Kitchen Cabinet show with…

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