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Recent Articles

How Bompas & Parr imagined a British Museum of Food

They set a steamship in 55,000 litres of lime jelly, cooked a barbecue on lava and sent…

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My first steps into hosting & a New Year full of new projects

Hello everyone! I hope you had a brilliant Christmas and are excited as I at the start…

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Pasta love in 2015…& a great tool for the new year

Pasta. Just as rice conjures up the image of tiny bouncing grains, with pasta the name itself…

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Bee good, put the forage before the honey

Honey. I just love it. As a child I used to eat spoonfuls of the stuff straight from…

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Be brave, be gutsy, ferment all that leftover veg

Do you cringe every time you pay through your teeth for probiotics? And feel guilty about not using up…

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Tastes of Carolina - It's all about pairings and canapés

This week, it’s all about pairings and canapés

A few days ago, while perusing for a birthday present for a friend in the lovely Prep…

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A great new venture and a truffle dish

On Monday I embarked on a new adventure with a kick ass truffle dish. I started cooking for…

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After the wood fire dies out - Tastes of Carolina

A risotto with wood fired umami & a fennel salad to match

At the weekend we lighted up the wood fired oven and had a roast. The weather was grim…

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Morocco VS England on a bed of rigatoni - Tastes of Carolina

Morocco VS England on a bed of rigatoni

This dish brings together Italian heritage, North African influences and a British staple vegetable, the sweet and…

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A party weekend and a veg feast

So Halloween has passed. On Saturday night we had kids banging on the door for trick or…

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