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Recent Articles

Eating local with the Food Assembly - tastes of carolina

Eating local with the Food Assembly

A trip to the local pub yesterday showed me the amazing potential of the food industry and…

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Healthy and creative Halloween treats - Tastes of Carolina

GUEST POST – Healthy and creative Halloween treats 🙂

  Many of you must have a party planned for this weekend, or have kids who on…

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Caledonian Cream with wholemeal amaretto biscotti - Tastes of Carolina

Caledonian cream Italian style with Amaretto and biscotti

I had this in mind for a while, since I listened to the Kitchen Cabinet show with…

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Pumpkin farinata and baccalĂ  salt fish in parsley and tomato sauce - Tastes of Carolina

Pumpkin farinata and baccalĂ  salt fish

On Monday night I cooked a mini feast: we had many evenings planned this week so that…

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A beautiful game night

Last night a sleep deprived chef made me fall in love with game all over again. After…

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Spicy pumpkin ravioli

Pumpkin season is upon us and I intend to experiment with it in the kitchen as much…

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comfort food tastes of carolina

Slow food vs comfort food

A Piedmontese version of the empanada with a rabbit and mushroom filling, countless experiments with fresh pasta,…

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Home and away chilli sauce

This might land me into trouble. I brought food back from Africa: a bag of really hot…

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Africa, my tough love

    Welcome to Africa. I felt exhilarated but displaced. For the first time in many years…

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Escape the bollito in the room of surprises

I am saving them jealously. Old copies of the National Geographic magazine from 1899 and 1900, found…

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