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Recent Articles

Like a rolling stone (fruit)…and a pear recipe thrown in

This week I cooked lots of fruit. Being the end of summer I ended up with piles…

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A trip to the last rays of summer

  I just returned from a week in the South of France and Piedmont to see my…

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Flavours of home in a vinegar marinade

These last few days I’ve been enjoying my home a lot. The rainy weather was in tune…

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Autumn calling: pick your elderberries

Elderberries are naturally rich in Vitamin C and their syrup works like magic against colds, coughs and…

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Tangy orangey gluten free cake

Apparently this week is “Afternoon Tea Week” and before this became my knowledge at the weekend I…

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And prawns it was in the end…

So in the end my boyfriend managed to find prawns and we had this spectacular Thai curry…

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Emergency meal planning VS last minute creativity. And a case of missing prawns.

Having a broken foot made me realise the importance of proper meal planning and its difference with…

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So this was my summer….

                Very little time, a faulty iPad, tragedy in my…

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These fresh rolls are made for eating, that’s just what you’d do

Since the long weekend, I acquired a new food addiction. They’re delicious, easy to make and incredibly…

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Eggcellent Easter one-eyed little monsters

Do you like these cuties? I made them following directions off Tally’s Treasury, a cool website publishing…

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