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Recent Articles

Foraging day in the beautiful Langhe

Hunting for wild herbs in a garden and vineyard, then cooking our finds for a 5-course meal:…

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Fat tales from the top…The Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs

The other night I had a culinary experience to remember. It was one of the richest meals…

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Berlin city of surprises and fabulous brunches

Berlin, city of surprises and fabulous brunches

I just got back from three extraordinary days in Berlin. I explored the city on a bicycle,…

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Pan fried smoked bass marinated in blood orange juice with hazelnut rich salad

    I made this dinner after reading up a recipe for a yummy salad on the…

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Reflections in water. On nature and the food chain

During my days in Koh Tao it was the time I spent snorkeling that made me marvel…

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Pasta with Chloe the crab

Pasta with Chloe the crab, artichoke and saffron

This dish came out of a hitch. I set out to make agnolotti with some lovely artichokes…

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(((((((RECHARGE MODE)))))))

…Back home to a historical restaurant and a few genuine pleasures…. I’ve been through some kind of…

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Thailand mon amour

I spent most of January away in Thailand, with two of my girlfriends from work. I’ve had…

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Fab Thai cooking class…yum!

Today I’ve had an unforgettable experience, one I am temped to repeat, wherever possible, in every country…

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From the smokehouse round the corner….

From the smokehouse round the corner…. Over this Christmas I filled up on amazing salmon. It was…

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